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Designer Dawoodi Bohra Rida  

Dawoodi bohra rida designs, emerging with innovation into the latest trend

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Dawoodi bohra rida is actually traditional style clothing or a type of burqa for the women of the Muslim community Dawoodi bohra. These days, clothing trends are also affecting this traditional dress. Various dawoodi bohra rida designs are available in the market which may vary in accordance with the fabric used, season and the accessories for the embellishment of the dress.

As instructed by the Quran of Muslims, the women must cover their chest and head, and the dawoodi bohra rida designs even with the latest designs, appropriately fulfills this requirement.

The dawoodi bohra rida designs usually composed of a veil or scarf with which a woman covers her head and neck, which is a unique signature to identify her as the Muslim. Originally, the dawoodi bohra rida designs are much similar to pashmina shawls consisting of a scarf and under-scarf. This dress is available in varieties of fabrics, prints and colors that are used to complement with the latest trend. Also, there are some dawoodi bohra rida designs available in the market, which are having different styles of wrapping.

While going for dawoodi bohra rida designs, you can make your choices for scarf according to the outer veil. Your liking of colors will be prominently reflected by the designs of scarf you will choose. The designs of the scarf are also determined by the season and the occasion. In the usual cases, the scarfs of dawoodi bohra rida designs are adorned with pins to fix the cloth in place.

Dawoodi bohra rida designs are also specific to the seasons. For the summer seasons, the scarves are light, breathable and are available in several gorgeous design ranges and colors. At the same time, they are maintaining the original requirement of the Muslim clothing for women. The summer based dawoodi bohra rida designs are the perfect symbol of the contemporary 21st century Muslim wear.The secret for the clothing to be best suitable for a particular season is in the type of fabric used for its production. Like for summer natural fibers like linen, silk, rayon and cotton are most suitable and comfortable. These fabrics are lightweight as well as cool, allowing the skin to breath. While on the other hand, for winter seasons Dawoodi bohra rida designs produced using dark and heavyweight polyester are most suitable.

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Although originally, dawoodi bohra rida had started with a simple piece of cloth covering the head, but recent trends have provided the market with lots of innovative dawoodi bohra rida designs. It is during the past few years only, the Muslim fashion consisting of various dawoodi bohra rida designs have picked up massive heat. Several Muslim designers in India are introducing some modern trends to this traditional Muslim clothing which is making it more popular among youngsters. In addition to that the manufacturers are also working hard to bring out the same clothing style with new and more appealing inclinations into the fashion.



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