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  Latest Designer Punjabi Patiala Suit
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Designer Punjabi Patiala Suit  

What so unique about Punjabi suit?

India is a mix of various cultures. You can find a diverse variety of culture and traditions prevailing in various states of India. Not only this, even the dressing style varied as you change the states. So if you talk about Punjab then, as far as dressing for ladies is concerned, the basic outfit that is found is the Punjabi suit. Girls of what so ever age group is considered wear Punjabi suit. The patterns of Punjabi suit available there are also unique.

So if you are also looking forward for some sort of Indian look then you can try out the Punjabi suit. This will give you a perfect Punjabi look. Even you can try out the exclusive designer pattern in Punjabi suit. But when you go for Punjabi suit then you can know what is so unique in this pattern. In Punjabi suit you will find the mix of bright colors and prints. Generally the fabric used in Punjabi suit comprises of bold prints and darker tones of shades to give it an attractive look. Even the material that is preferred is a bit shimmering. This makes Punjabi suit to be more eye catching.

Another reason for emerging trend of Punjabi suit is that the pattern that it comprises of a kurti with a loose Patiala salwar and a dupatta floating over it. The kurti in this Punjabi suit is a short. It can be mid thigh or knee length max. You cannot go for long ones as they will ruin your Punjabi look. As far as Patiala salwar is considered it is the most beautiful part of the Punjabi suit. It is a flared salwar with smooth falls that gives an amazing look to your outfit. You add a dupatta to the Punjabi suit completes your look.

Generally in almost all places in India, the wedding dress is the lehenga. But it is not so with Punjab. Here you can see that the bride wears Punjabi suit. They dress up with Punjabi suit in such a way that they look elegant and gorgeous.

For bridal Punjabi suit you can add an embellished look. You can add things like sequins, stone work, embroidery, zari, gota, brocade etc. All this play a major role in dressing up the bride. With Punjabi suit you can add up loud accessories that are in sync with the suit. The complete attire should be in matching with the Punjabi suit.

So after the above mentioned aspects you will find that the Punjabi suit can add on the complete attire of traditional look for what so ever it is concerned. Hope you get the best results with your dress up. Get the perfect Punjabi suit for you now! Get gorgeous and stay gorgeous!


Hami Designz : Latest Designer Punjabi Patiala Suit.