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Dawoodi bohra rida, an innovative clothing style for Muslim communities

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There are lots of controversies regarding burqa being a religious obligation for Muslim communities in the whole world. This piece of clothing is having several variations across the world. While at some places it covers the whole body except face, but others are having even that too covered only leaving a small area in front of the eyes open.

In India, there is a unique adaptation of burqa dress which is known as Dawoodi bohra rida. It is a variation of burqa utilized by Dawoodi bohras community of Muslims in India. Dawoodi bohra rida is actually the main branch of Bohras which is an Indian based community of Muslims and which are more secular as compared to any other community. They are having a strong belief for the education and empowerment of women.

The dawoodi bohra rida is evidently dissimilar to any other variations of Muslim’s main clothing. This dress is having a riot of colors unlike traditional burqa which is very limited in terms of tints.

It has been said by the community members that there is an interesting story behind these bright colors of dawoodi bohra rida. It was in early seventies when the clash between the community members of reformist and orthodox reached its peak. That time, the religious head Syedna of this orthodox community made dawoodi bohra rida compulsory to distinguish the members of this community from other members of reformist group. Also the men were asked to grow and keep long beard for the same purpose. The announcement for the compulsion of this dress Dawoodi bohra rida was so sudden that it left many women unaware of this. This dress was born in the moment of emergency when women have to tear up their colorful saris overnight to stitch this dress. And that is how the concept of dawoodi bohra rida came into existence.

In Muslim localities of the country, one can easily distinguish the presence of the members of Dawoodi Bohra group from their dressing style. One imaginative writer symbolized the women wearing dawoodi bohra rida as tea-cosies walking on the road.

Studies and researches on the history of the Dawoodi bohra community has shown that, the dress Dawoodi bohra rida has gone many variations since the time it was originated. From these studies only, it came out that almost one hundred years ago, the women of almost all the Muslim communities had to wear burqa which covers their face completely leaving only a small space near the front of their eyes. But contradictory to that, the women of the Dawoodi bohra community do not cover their face anymore.

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Some members of the community say that previously this dress was only wore by the priestly families. But nowadays more than 90% of the women belonging to this community wear Dawoodi bohra rida. Even the students are taking interest in adapting this style garments with some alterations in colleges. Some say that the Dawoodi bohra rida is more likely an Arabian dress design to adapt in deserts to protect the face from sand.


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